About us

Nelly’s Healing Aboriginal Corporation uses strategies that address and aim to provide highly disadvantaged and at-risk Aboriginal women and their families with a holistic, individually tailored, intensive support service that is embedded in culture.

Using cultural and trauma informed approaches and solutions, Nelly’s strives to peel away the multiple layers of intergenerational disadvantage.

Aboriginal women constitute the fastest growing group in prison populations and their rates of child protection interventions and removals continue to increase. Yet historically, the low numbers of Aboriginal females within our community and the continued misunderstandings of their cultural and specific needs, has meant that few appropriately-developed responses are available.

Nelly’s Healing Aboriginal Corporation is an alternative solution to the current colonised systems, offering holistic services, inclusive and central to Aboriginal women and their families.

Nelly’s Healing Centre is an Incorporated Association of NSW and a registered charity.


Nelly’s Healing Aboriginal Corporation, an incorporated association in NSW, is an Aboriginal healing program that is culturally embedded and driven by the wisdom and experience of Aboriginal women and their families.

Founded and developed by women with experiences of the justice, child protection and mental health systems, Nelly’s aim is to empower healing and well-being. The life experiences of Aboriginal women and their families are at the core of Nelly’s operations and service delivery.

Nelly’s Healing Aboriginal Corporation offers individually tailored and intensive support services. Nelly’s programs and activities are developed and delivered to reduce and remove the impacts of trauma and oppression. Aboriginal women can be referred from populations such as:

  • On remand, transitioning from prison, or otherwise directly affected by the criminal justice systems
  • Facing involvement with the child protection system due to issues such as abuse, mental illness, drug use, poverty etc.
  • Homeless or experiencing homelessness
  • Leaving abusive environments
  • Transitioning from rehabilitation facilities
Aboriginal women can refer themselves or be referred by family or Government agencies.

Helen’s Story ....

I am a 44 year – old Gomeroi Biripi woman. Mother of 5 children and Grandmother of 2. As a proud Aboriginal woman, I’ve always been faced with challenges and struggles, even when growing up.

Using alcohol and drugs seemed to help me cope, although I constantly struggled in silence. I was scared to ask for help – I didn’t know who to ask for help.

Growing up and even as an adult – I always knew the system didn’t stand beside or support us – that was proven when I became a Mother. My happiness of being a Mother was destroyed, taken by a system that neither accepted or understood me. A system that stole my children, locked me up in hospitals and in prisons and no one saw or cared about the hurt, the pain and the struggles I continued to go through – it was all ignored. I was constantly judged, deemed crazy and unsuitable. The services I did try to use never understood, assisted or helped to identify my needs or my culture.

For over 30 years I had to keep telling my story to agencies that were there to supposedly support and assist me, repeating it over and over – but no guidance or support came. I was alone and unbelieved – no one listened.

I felt failed, had no direction, education or support. That is why I know how important it is to have Nelly’s. No longer will I lay down and let a system determine or make who I am. Nelly’s is a place of change, a place we can heal, believe, educate and become empowered. Let’s Unite and stand together. Yes, a system beat me – but it has not won.


Helen Eason – Founder / Chief Executive Officer – Nelly’s Healing Aboriginal Corporation