Nelly’s Healing Centre Crowdfunder Launched

Aboriginal people have been traumatised for generations. We are suffering, and most of what our society does is punish us and make our suffering worse.

We need your help to change this.

My name is Helen Eason. I am a Gomeroi and Biripi women setting up Nelly’s Healing Centre, a place where our women and their families can finally come to heal.

The Aboriginal women and men who need support most are the ones who are written off by the system, by other services, and by Australian society. This has to stop.

I know, because I was one of those people.

I suffered from child sexual abuse. I have struggled with drugs and alcohol. I have been through domestic violence. I have been in the mental health system, and prison, and I’ve fought the struggle with the child protection system.

All of these things are symptoms of trauma. An addiction is a symptom. Violence, crime and struggling to hold on to your babies are symptoms.

I was crying out for help and the system only punished me.

I have been able to turn this around because of people who believed in me. They saw in me what I see in my sisters and brothers every day – that we are capable of so much more, if only society gave us a chance.

Nelly’s Healing Centre will give people this chance, but I need your help to make it a reality.

Right now, we need to fund a renovation of the property where Nelly’s will be. This is important because our women need to walk their journeys in a healing space. They deserve to live somewhere where they can feel nurtured and supported, not just be told they have to settle for less like they have been their whole lives.

Anything that you can give and anyone you can share this fundraiser with will help make this happen. I thank you for anything you can do and for walking this journey of change with me.